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Evan Le Official Channel – “Chopin Minute Waltz” by 5-Year-Old Evan Le

“Chopin Minute Waltz” by 5-Year-Old Evan Le – “Chopin Minute Waltz” by 5-Year-Old Evan Le


  1. 내리세요..
    소리 뭉개지고 손가락 꼬이고
    페달도 엉망이고
    리듬도 안맞고
    아이보다도 렛슨 선생에게 문제 있는듯

  2. These child prodigies began their disciplines before this lifetime. I am grateful for their continued dedication. I find it amazing these little hands can reach the necessary keys.
    Much appreciated. My mother chided herself for not giving me piano lessons while growing up. Chopin' s "Til the End of Time" was her favorite. Today, at age 66, I still do not play the piano and I'm too busy taking care of grandchildren.
    Keep on, Evan. I'm subscribing to watch your development.

  3. Good Job little Man Really ? That would be an incredible performance for any professional player….. No Disrespect intended but I doubt you have ever played anything but a Coaches Whistle.
    That kid played major scales and even Modal in that Song…. Dude that was Amazing.! How do you teach that to a 5 year old?

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